IIOT and Smart City

Infocube revolutionizes how industries operate.

The new era of IIOT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brings together brilliant machines, advanced analytics, and people at work. It’s the network of a multitude of industrial devices connected by communications technologies that results in systems that can monitor, collect, exchange, analyze, and deliver valuable new insights like never before. These insights again can drive smarter, faster business decisions for industrial companies.

Infocube Technology is excited to announce the company’s research and development extension into the field of smart city and IIoT. As an information technology (IT) and services provider, infocube has been dedicated in customized IT and data solutions since 2014. During the years of development, infocube continuously dedicated in technology Research and Development (R&D) and strive to help our local community with high-end, efficient and green technology.

Joint-Development Projects

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Digital Twin Project

Inocube is partnering with the engineering department of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in the “Digital Twin for Proactive Maintenance of Data Centre” Project. Digital Twin connect information and observation through virtual models of object, processes and large systems. It is the trend of Industry 4.0 and is being largely engaged in the manufacture industry. This current project with UBC team aims to discover the application of digital twin in data center proactive maintenance. Data center equipment maintenance and energy consumption optimization will be the goal of this project.

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SR&D Project 

As a successful candidate of Canadian government’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program, Infocube has two concurrent software development projects of under government funding since 2017. Project  “Developing IoT Universal Resource Management System” aims to develop an IoT universal resource management platform for sharing and integrating classifiable/viewable data across various external system terminals. Project “Seismic Modelling and Inversion Software on Cloud Platform” aims to develop a data processing technology on a cloud computing platform for high-resolution deep area seismic wave imaging through seismic subsurface velocity modelling involving full-waveform inversion (FWI).

Infocube IIOT Products and Solutions

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Infocube IOT Platform

Infocube IOT platform is a software stack that allows you to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from globally dispersed devices. We work with our partner and open source community to delvier the IOT core componets. In combination with other services our IOT platform, we provide a complete solution for collecting, processing, analyzing, and visualizing IoT data in real time to support improved operational efficiency.

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Infocube Cloud for IIOT

Infocube has been developing solutions for both the cloud data center and the edge. we are helping our customer launching industrial appliations with our cloud infrastructure. Together with data service provider to get more value from connections, data and information. By reducing the distance the data has to travel, companies can get answers quicker.

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