With far lower network latency and significantly higher reliability. With greater protection from power outages and numerous back-ups in place.


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For some of enterprises, especially small and medium companies, dedicated server is not the best choice on economy, stability, and technical maturity. On the contrast, colocation service is the better method that deploying privately-owned servers and networking equipment in a third-party data center.

Our colocation service could provide a professional data center environment to our clients. We also offer the uninterrupted power supply, high-speed bandwidth, IP address, and cooling systems to make your server run perfectly. We have high level of security and professional data recovery system to protect your data



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Colocation service reduce the cost of self-built data centers and save on high-level bandwidth. For small and medium-sized businesses that do no need to build independent data centers, we can provide a complete data center environment for customers to use.

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High-speed Network

Our colocation service provide a high-speed network to  ensure that customer's equipment is running smoothly without any delay.

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Our colocation service allow our clients to personalize their own colocation plan with specified data center infrastructures and systems.

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Data Center Infrastructure

Our data center infrastructure could provide a complete environment to our customers to deploy their servers, which also includes fire suppression system, uninterrupted power supply, cooling system, emergency power off system, building air controller, ground system, anti-static floor, plumbing installation, etc.

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Emergency Recovery System

We have a professional emergency recovery system to ensure that customers' data is not lost.