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Join the Startup Package! Infocube supports startups in both technological and business development. 

As a business incubator and accelerator, our Startup Package can help small and medium-sized companies that seek professional technological support and comprehensive managing systems, efficiently achieve their business goals.  

Customization is at the heart of our package and we are constantly providing the best comprehensive services. Based on open source technologies, our infrastructure will always fulfill your business growth and development requirements.

Package Contents
Managed IT Services We Offer:

Web Design

Build a great user experience with a live chat and translations in multiple languages

E Commerce

Modern open source online store; great product pages, mobile-friendly and easy to use

Point  of  Sales

Suitable for shops, restaurants and hardware sales.


Boost your success rate by generating quotations, reports, invoices and more


Track leads, close opportunities, get accurate forecasts and maintain a record of your customers' and vendors' contact information

Mass  Mailing

A unique and independent business mailing server without any latency or delay


Achieve efficient operations by managing invoices and bills with bank synchronization


Control supplier invoices and obtain a clear forecast of your future bills due


Maximize your warehouse efficiency; minimize stock and prevent stockouts with fully automated replenishment

What about the necessary infrastructure to deploy my package? Is this included?

• YES •

Once your choice of package and the contract have been confirmed, we will provide different types of supporting infrastructure.

Private Cloud Platform
Infocube Private Cloud is a unique solution that combines 100% dedicated infrastructure with the scalability and flexibility of the cloud platform. Our infrastructure is deployed in a virtual environment and maintained by us. On this platform, you can easily access your system to manage your products, payment, and CRM, anytime and at any location with an internet connection. 
Dedicated Server
A dedicated server is solely used by one client/corporation without sharing with anyone else. You have full control over your dedicated servers and the freedom to choose your operating system, hardware, etc. We will provide different levels of management services based on your needs, including security, memory, storage and IT support. 
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Independent Load Balancing IP The load balancing IP is an IP address carried by the Infocube Network, which spreads traffic load across the IPs of our services. It allows for independent usage with far lower network latency and significantly higher reliability.
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Data Storage Backup
Infocube provides backup hosting for disaster recovery. It allows you to share, manage and protect your data with networked storage. 
Onsite Support
Infocube is able to tailor solutions to address your core organizational IT inquiries, whether that means receiving extra IT support or designing a different route of robust infrastructure. 
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Why Choose Infocube Managed IT Services?


The all-in-one system allows for easy access to all aspects of your business IT system and boosts management efficiency.

Fully Customizable

Build your own service package that is specially tailored to your business needs.

Reliable IT Support

Receive 24/7 IT Support from our team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Cost Effective

Save by only spending on what you need.

Depending on the level of complexity of your firm's needs, our predicted full deployment period will range roughly from 5 to 15 business days.

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