Data Storage

Backup hosting for disaster recovery and simple peace of mind. Share, manage, and protect your data with networked storage.

 Dedicated Storage is ideal for enterprises that need large scale, rapidly expanding storage needs, ease of operations, high performance, cost efficiency, and overall peace of mind.

Data Storage

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Storage space refers to the amount of space on a web server. It consists of the total amount of all databases, text files, emails, images, scripts, and other files associated with the client. It is essential to have backup and storage solutions that are designed to protect the enormous quantity of data that is vital for today’s businesses.

Our dedicated storage provides you with a single-tenant storage platform to store, archive, manage, and access data.  To be specific, our cloud infrastructure is hosted in our world class data center, located at 1050 W Pender St, Vancouver BC, which provides an additional layer of security and a up-time guarantee to power your applications.

Also, we provide you with complete control and manageability to help maintain your business’s stringent security and compliance requirements.

In addition, we provide you with managed IT and security services to help optimize your infrastructure and secure your cloud deployments.

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When you are concerned about how much time and costs could have lost if anything failure happened to the vital data, the advantages of a protected storage solution become more than evident.

The best part of choosing the storage platform from us is the fact that your storage system can be online in less than 24 hours. It is vital in today’s high tech data environment that you make sure you have a sound and reliable backup option in place for your data. We provide effective online storage solutions that ensure our clients’ data remains safe and secure.

Network Availability: 99.95%

Without personalized diagnostic support:

        Intervention (GIT) 1 hour

        Guaranteed Repair Time (GRT): GIT + 2 hours

With personalized diagnostic support:

        Intervention (GIT) 8 hours

        Guaranteed Repair Time (GRT): GIT + 12 hours

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