Private Cloud

A Distinct and Secure Cloud-Based Environment

Only authorized clients are allowed to access and operate.


About Our Private Cloud Solution

Our private cloud services are provided within a virtual environment, which is constructed by using an underlying, distinct pool of physical resources. As a result, resources can only be accessed by a single organization, for greater control and privacy.

Compared to public clouds, which involve multiple clients accessing the same service and drawing their resources from the same pool of servers across public networks, private cloud services draw their resources from a distinct pool of physical servers. These may be hosted internally or externally, and are accessed across privately leased lines or secure, encrypted connections via public networks.

  3 Components:

Secure Data Center

Dedicated Network and Resources

Distinct Cloud

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Who Can Benefit?

The private cloud combines features of traditional local access networks (LANs) and modern virtualization.

Our solutions are for organizations that store and operate large sets of private and sensitive data, and seek high-level security offered by the ring-fenced private cloud model.

Why Choose Our Private Cloud Solutions?

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High Security and Privacy

Strong corporate firewall, dedicated leased lines, and on-site internal hosting

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More Control

Powerful user management control of the private cloud and related inline

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Cloud Bursting

Efficient and sensitive data interaction between public clouds and private clouds

 International Certifications

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Linux Distributions

We adapt, You succeed.

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Openstack [cloud] Services

Provider of a cloud computing platform designed to offer managed private cloud services.

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