Hybrid Cloud

Integrates features of Public and Private Cloud

Our Hybrid cloud is a composition of two or more clouds that bound distinct entities, offering the benefits of multiple deployment models by aggregation, integration, or customization.

About Hybrid Cloud

Provided by Infocube Technology

Our Hybrid Cloud  is an integrated cloud service with both private and public clouds. It means that you have a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The primary benefit of our hybrid cloud is flexible. As we know, both public and private cloud have their different disadvantages. Therefore, we provide hybrid cloud that allow you to switch between them according to different business needs. It means that you can use our public cloud for your dynamic workloads, enterprise applications running, big data analytics etc, while leaving more sensitive workloads, trade secret, confidential data, data security etc. to our private cloud. Thus, you can combine the advantages of both clouds to avoid their corresponding shortcomings.

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No matter what kind of business you are, and how well you plan to meet your business needs, the plan will never catch up with change. That is the reason why we need hybrid cloud.

We can match your actual data management requirement in real time, and adjust the usage between your public and private clouds for different needs. So, it could avoid unnecessary waste of resources due to the space redundancy, reduce your operating costs, and increase your business efficiency.



From our Hybrid Cloud


Lower Capital Expenditure



Potentially Lower TCO

Greater Control and Customization


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